Tuesday 21 October 2014

Opportunity and News

For the past two years, I have had the privilege of reviewing products for the Schoolhouse Review Crew.
Review Crew
Over that time, I have learned much more about the home education materials around and had the opportunity to use some of these in my own home. This year, we are using several products that either I have reviewed or that have been recommended in the reviews of other Crew members.

Now there is an opportunity for home education bloggers to join the team. Details are available at the Schoolhouse Crew blog. My time with the Crew has been great. The leadership is supportive; there is a helpful members' forum; the opportunity to learn more about blogging and of course, the reviews of some excellent products.

Sadly though, I have decided not to reapply for the 2015 Crew. Middle Son is preparing for UK exams which means that he has to use set UK books so not a time for him to be involved in reviews. Younger Daughter is making progress with the resources we are using at present and for a variety of reasons, I am not too keen to have to leave these to try review curricular materials at present. Books are fine but I'm less keen to swap major subject resources.

Life has also become busier with an increasingly frail, elderly Grandma living with us. So, after the next few weeks, when I have three up coming reviews, there will be no Schoolhouse Reviews. I plan to keep a beady eye on the Schoolhouse Crew site as it is such an excellent source of information.

Do think about applying if you are a blogger. I've loved my time with the Crew and if my circumstances were different would gladly be part of the 2015 team!

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