Wednesday 4 February 2015


February isn't really my favourite month: it is too grey and too wintery. Still, it has provided a sprinkling of the snow that the children were desperate to see

 and a chance to throw sticks at frozen ponds.

This a a time for curling up with books. As usual, we've been reading aloud and Younger Daughter has completed a book challenge of her own. The reward? A book,  of course.
A couple of years ago, we went to a home education group which, at that time, had a book club so I was interested to read a post about various formats for book clubs. I'm mulling over this one.

More about books, AnnieKate published her top twenty books for families to read aloud. I loved this list as so many were favourites of ours that I really have to investigate the books that I don't know. 

I loved this post about how not to be late. It set me thinking about when I am late and why.

I would be interested on views on this post about avoiding emergent reader frustration or 10 alternatives to forcing your kids to learn to read. Half of me says 
"Great" and the other half says 
"What about children who struggle with the mechanics and need additional help?". 

This isn't absolutely new but I was impressed. Some just found Roman mosaics.

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