Tuesday 17 February 2015

Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace has been high on our list of must visit sites. Having a child who loves history and the Tudors, in particular, we couldn't miss this. We made the decision to go at half term when there were extra events available. All great until the aforesaid child was unwell. Now, I'm fairly robust about children and illness. Providing they aren't a risk to the general population or ought to be in bed, we tend to carry on as normal. Even so, I had some doubts but the offer to postpone the trip was refused so away we went with a recovering child!

We didn't arrive by boat but it would have been a traditional way to arrive. Interesting to think about the proximity of some important Tudor palaces to the Thames.

I loved the detail in the brick work.

In Henry VIII's Great Hall

The figure at the top is Cardinal Wolsey the original owner of the Palace. It was confiscated by Henry VIII after Wolsey failed to obtain his divorce.

Amazing ceilings

There was artifact handling but the children weren't keen. Hmm, this is what happens when half well children go out. They did enjoy the actors playing Cardinal Wolsey, Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn and Thomas Cromwell.

Henry VIII's kitchens were full of meat, thankfully of the model variety. I would have loved to see some replica Tudor cooking but that didn't happen while we were there.

Other highlights were the Georgian table decorations made from folded, starched linen.

We couldn't understand why William III had so much weaponry to decorate his rooms.

Younger Son was very keen to try the Maze and yes, we escaped.

I preferred the informal parts of the gardens.

We didn't exhaust Hampton Court Palace but by this time, I had children who needed to go home.

Recommended but avoid with children who are slightly under par!

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  1. One of our favorite places in London, for sure; we went twice in 2014. Got in real cheap with that UK Home Educator card too!

    1. Great place. I hadn't been since I was a child but it was fascinating. Is the UK Home Educator card worth having? We used Tesco vouchers for the majority of the cost.

  2. We visited Hampton Court when we were here the other summer and really enjoyed it. I would love to go back because I think there is so much there to do and see.

    1. I know-I was thinking that we should go back when everyone is well!