Thursday 30 April 2015

April Read Alouds

We've had a bit of a Roman theme to our read alouds linked with coming to the end of the much loved Veritas self-paced history course on New Testament, Greeks and Romans.

Hostage Lands by Douglas Bond was one of the books in the historical literature part of the course. I've written about this book before.

We have just finished Hostage Lands and started the beautiful book by Simonetta Carr on Athanasius
which fits so well with the Veritas week about the Council of Nicea. Our reading is a bit behind so we have just started the book as we finished the history about the Council. It shouldn't really matter.

My husband reads to the children, in the evening, and has also been reading a Roman book: Legions of the Eagle by Henry Treece. Younger Daughter tells me that this has been one of her favourite books so far, this year.

This year, we have read several Patricia St John books. This month, we read the lovely  Treasures of the Snow set in Switzerland and definitely one of her best books. Younger Daughter prefers Rainbow Garden but I'm torn between the two. Patricia St John seemed to understand what was going on in children's hearts and minds and produced real classics in the area of Christian children's literature. I discovered that we had a lesser known St John book on our shelves: Where the River begins. We are currently reading this story of a sad little boy from a troubled background.

 I've realised that I need to read more to Youngest Son. He was having plenty of read aloud time but this seems to have slipped a bit. He does listen in to some of the books but I need something that will really engage a six year old boy. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the Famous Five and Adventurous Four have been very successful but he doesn't like the Secret Seven which is a shame as we have loads of these titles! Recommendations are gratefully received.

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  1. Our six year old daughter has recently enjoyed Bridget's Secret by Jill Dow (only a picture book, but the story is about a wee boy, so maybe yours will like it!), and she and her 8 year old sister both like the Boxcar Children series. We only have the first ten books though, and I've noticed some of the later titles have ghosts etc. included. Hope this helps :-)

    1. Thank you, Gwen. I had forgotten about the Jill Dow books. We don't have Bridget's Secret but have some of the others: Piggy Little, Hepzibah's Wooly fleece and Hazel and Clover's Great escape. I must pull them out again-he still quite enjoys picture books. I must look out for the Boxcar Children-I've heard lots of people recommend them.