Wednesday 1 April 2015

Three Read Aloud Series

Reading aloud seems to just increase. Currently, I read aloud in the afternoon and at bedtime. Sometimes, we squeeze some extra reading in at the end of the morning. Train journeys are also prime read aloud time. The children also persuade my husband to read to them every evening. 

These are three sets of books that have won approval recently. 

The Jake books by Nick and Annette Butterworth.
These are short chapter books about a mischievous dog and his owners. Right, and Jake, always prevail! These are great for children who are just starting to read chapter books, and my initial intention was for Younger Daughter to read these, until her brother decided that he wanted to hear them read aloud. We have found some of this series in the local public library.

Shakespeare stories by Andrew Matthews and Tony Ross.
Again, very short books but with a synopsis of a Shakespeare play. The books only have one or two quotes from the actual plays but have generated interest in seeing the plays.

Patricia St John books
I suppose that strictly speaking these are not a series but a set of books for children by a Christian author. We have devoured Rainbow Garden,
Tanglewood Secrets and are currently reading Treasures of the Snow. I have to admit to pulling out my copy of Twice Freed, a story based around the Biblical character Onesimus and rereading this. When a friend lent us Treasures of the Snow, I read it through within a day or two. I had to check it was suitable! Hmm, I don't think my daughter was taken in. 
All the books that I have mentioned, except Twice Freed, are ideal for children from about 6 and above. Twice Freed is aimed at a slightly older audience. I would guess about 10+.

I love to know about different books and series which we will enjoy. Please share.

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  1. We enjoy the Stories from the Riverbank series by Stephen Lawhead, the Moody family series by Sarah Maxwell, about an American homeschool family, and the Giants of Faith and Science series by John Hudson Tiner :-)

    1. Thank you for the suggestions. I hadn't heard about the Stephen Lawhead books but will look them up. You have reminded me that one of my older children has some of the John Hudson Tiner books-I just need to pull them out!

  2. Here are my suggestions:

    I found Twice Freed to be too much for 10 year olds, but my kids are sensitive