Friday 14 August 2015

Summer 2015

Like most Summers, this has been a mixture of wonderful trips, fun around the neighbourhood and plain tiredness. Having a holiday where various people fell ill probably didn't help with the latter. Thankfully, they both seem recovered. 

Anyway, we have spent a fair amount of time around our local area. This has included

  • doing the Big Butterfly Count
  • the Library Reading Challenge
  • Cycling, playing, tree climbing and meeting friends in the park
  • gardening. Digging up potatoes is especially popular. 

  • Going for a walk in the woods in driving rain and finding that there was almost nothing to be found for den building
  • Playing board games
  • cooking. This week, the children cooked biscuits to eat during the biscuit edition of the Great British Bake Off. Note: making three sets of biscuits for one programme is rather excessive. 
  • Colouring. The Trinitarian Bible Society colouring book of Psalm 23 and Johanna Basford's Enchanted Garden have been the main books used.
  • Reading aloud. One of the children has just discovered Old Possum's Book of Cats and Return of the White Book  has also been popular. Her brother loves Famous Five, perhaps more than the rest of the family!
The biggest trip has been a day trip to Bournemouth on the train. This was a long and tiring day but definitely worthwhile. Bournemouth has the right kind of sand for sand castles,

 somewhere to paddle and a funicular railway.

My husband has been working so hard but was able to take off a little time to take the younger two to the Gladiator Games.

How do you spend the holidays, particularly, those days when there isn't anything special going on? Do you have to work hard to prevent boredom or constant requests of the computer setting in? By September, we will be well and truly ready to start work again. Already, I have someone making lists for our Poetry Teas! I just need to finish my planning and make sure that we have something to write with and on. I have been mulling over whether we should take such a long break and how we should try to honour God in the summer. 

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