Thursday, 20 August 2015

Wild London

It always surprises me, how much of London is green and not at all built up. Richmond Park is an example of this-there are times when it doesn't feel at at all like London. An ideal summer trip with children even if the day is overcast. 
Deer-I loved the antlers poking out.

 Old trees-this old oak reminded me of the one in Lord of the Forest.


Signs of impending autumn.


and model boats.

Just for anyone else who might think of doing this, make sure that you know the location of your car park and remember that the Isabella Plantation has more than entrance. Don't ask why you need to be warned!

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  1. I agree the antlers sticking up is just a neat sight.

    1. It was quite funny just seeing the antlers and not the deer.

  2. Gary works at the golf course at Richmond park - if you ever see him do give him a wave from me!

    1. Funny-he might have been able to tell me the way to the car park!