Tuesday 1 March 2016

March Inspiration

March has arrived. Now Spring is on the way despite the coughs that seem to be besetting us, at present. Today, we were due to go on an outing and I think, for the first time, we decided to postpone until the children were feeling better. So today has been a slow day, at home.

Unusually, I have been listening to podcasts, not many, as it seems to be difficult to find uninterrupted time but a few while cooking or cleaning. Probably, the most useful that I have heard, so far, is Pam Barnhill talking to Sonya Shafer about narration. There are so many useful hints and ideas here.

Several of these podcasts are about Morning Time but for a description of how Morning Time can look, it is worth reading Dawn's post.

Finding the optimal way to work seems like searching for a needle in a haystack. This article has some pointers.

This year, I set myself a couple of reading challenges and have been finding keeping up challenging. Se7en has a post about managing to read more. I love the chapter per day idea.

Finally, Jacinda has written Confessions of a Homeschool Graduate: compulsory reading for home educators!

Happy March!

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention! I'm glad the post was helpful to you :)

  2. I had another book come to mind for your book club - The Final Reckoning by G.A. Henty. You can get a Kindle version & we've often got them free. Also on Gutenberg.


  3. I really appreciate your link to the podcast on narration, as it is something I have been wanting to do more of again- Thank you for sharing it :-)