Tuesday 15 March 2016

The Bible Smuggler

The Bible Smuggler is a book, by Louise Vernon, which has been sitting on our shelves for sometime. We purchased it some years ago for our older children but I have only read it to the younger two recently.

This book is historical fiction around the life of William Tyndale who translated the Bible into English. It is told by the means of a fictional boy, Collin Hartley, who becomes Tyndale's servant and helper. The story starts in Little Sodbury where Tyndale was a tutor then follows his journey to London and his exile on the continent of Europe living in Wittenburg, Cologne and Worms. Tyndale's story is exciting enough but Louise Vernon manages to finish most chapters on a cliff hanger which lead to cries of more!

Obviously, the question with historical fiction is how much is fiction. I'm no Tyndale scholar but this book seems to follow what is known of Tyndale's life faithfully although details around Collin are fictional.

This is an ideal book for primary aged children to learn about one of the most important characters in British history and much of whose translation went on to be used in the Authorised Version.

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