Thursday 5 May 2016

May Inspiration

  The summer may have arrived. We squeezed in an enjoyable trip to the bluebell woods before they finished, for this year.. 

Picture by Younger Daughter.

Last month, was the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death and to fit with this, and a child who is desperate to study Shakespeare, I listened to this podcast about enjoying Shakespeare with children. There is a helpful list of resources including some play specific resources on Simply Convivial, the blog of Mystie Winkler, the speaker.

Claire, from Angelicscalliwags, is one of my go-to people for resource ideas. Her recent post, on resources which support learning chemistry, has left me wanting to add yet more books to our home.

For anyone interested in submarines this diagram is a must.

Kondwani and her husband have recently adopted a new baby. She has written some helpful posts about adoption. I realised, reading these that I haven't known anyone, in real as opposed to virtual life, who has adopted for about 15 years and that I hadn't a clue how to support a family with a new adopted child. This post bridges the gap.

We have recently started reusing the free programme, Seterra, again. Seterra is an on line geography game. I had used it with Middle Son, previously, and recently have started to use it with Younger Daughter. Both children have enjoyed the programme and like to challenge me. 

Hope you have a happy May whether you are ferrying children to exams; finishing for the school year or plodding on!

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  1. Hi Sarah the subject of adoption is s very rich one from a spiritual point of view. Joseph's two sons were adopted by Jacob in order that Joseph could fulfill his role as a type of Christ and receive a double portion of Gods Spirit.

    1. Hi Heather, thank you for your helpful comments about adoption. It is also a wonderful picture of our adoption into the family of God.
      Do you think that there are fewer adoptions amongst Christians now because it is perceived/is difficult for Christians to adopt or that I just happen not to know many people who have adopted recently?

    2. Hi Sarah the number of children especially babies available to adopt has reduced. Couples are now going to South Korea to get babies. My cousins in Canada have done this. My other cousins in Uk adopted older children ( siblings) one of whom has a learning difficulty. Whether couples are Christians or not does not really affect the situation. in our day there had to be matching between the ethnic origin of the child and the parents. I am not sure about this issue now. I think social changes have kept mothers and babies together when in the past babies would have been adopted. Adopting an older child can be a bit of a roller coaster ride.

  2. Do you have access to "daily devotions from the puritans " by I D E Thomas ? The first of May reading is to be treasured by adoptive parents

  3. Thanks so much for including me in your round up xx