Tuesday 24 May 2016

Nature Parcel

Today, we had an exciting parcel arrive in the post. We had been linked to a Scottish family in the Nature Pen Friend's Swap and our parcel arrived this morning. It contained all sorts of goodies. There was a long letter talking about all the wildlife that the family see- even an otter in the river but also deer, oystercatchers, swifts and nuthatches. They had also thoughtfully sent an email with photos of where they do their nature walk and a bonus, for me, a photo of some typical John Buchan country.

I must say that my only concern about this swap had been about what to include. We had gradually found some ideas and were able to put our parcel together although my plan to send to send some London plane tree seeds was scuppered when we realised quite how itchy they are! Our swap family sent us an inspirational parcel.

In the parcel, we received,was an amazing twig covered with lichen. We had sent a twig with some London lichen but ours was nothing like this.

There was also a spruce cone, a red twig from a Scots pine which has a reddish bark, a little cone from a Scots pine, sheeps' wool, a pheasant feather and a black feather and more lichen.

There were pressed flowers: dog violet, a broom sprig and leaves from a rowan.

They also kindly sent seeds, a Field Studies Council card and a postcard.

Our nature table has expanded but so have our thoughts about the variety of nature in the UK and of course, why our lichen doesn't grow so well!

Thank you so much to the kind family who sent this lovely parcel and to Lynn from Raising Little Shoots for arranging this swap. 

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  1. The nature swap was a lovely idea :-) I decided not to take part due to being pregnant and tired (!), but it looks like you got an interesting parcel. As you say, it is amazing the variety in plants and wildlife around the UK.

    1. Gwen, yes it was a lovely idea and we really enjoyed it but these things are for the right times and seasons in our lives. Hope you are managing to get in some rest!