Tuesday 5 July 2016

July Inspiration

July is really high summer, I hope! The end of June felt like summer with our few days away.

Sutton Hoo is a place that I had been planning to take the children for months but we eventually visited on our way back from camping. It definitely merits a full day visit and fits in well with Saxon history and strangely, also, with the 1930s. 
Back home, Younger Daughter has finished her maths for this year so is doing some slightly different work. We found this fun time game. Hitting the button at the right moment takes a bit of practice.

It isn't long until the summer break, so this post about encouraging resources for veteran homeschool moms was timely. I'm not sure that I consider myself a veteran but after seven years, I guess I'm not brand new! Many of the books are new to me: Unit Studies made easy has gone on my wish list and will probably wing its way to my Kindle before summer is out.

Adventures in Literacy Land is a blog by school teachers but many of the posts have ideas which are applicable in different settings. Authentic writing at home has suggestions for writing over the summer.

The last post is an older post that I found reposted but is about how Satan convinces Christians to question their salvation with points from Thomas Brooks' book Precious Remedies against Satan's devices.

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  1. Thanks for the veteran homeschooler link - I'll be starting my 9th year in September! My youngest is also enjoying the clock game - thank you.