Saturday, 16 July 2016

July Reading

Summer is here and I'm hoping that the rest of July will provide plenty of reading time.

As usual, I am not reading one book at the time. The current books are Holiness by J.C. Ryle. This is a reread of a book that I read several years ago. Whilst this book is a challenging and helpful read, it has longer sections than J.C. Ryle's Thoughts on the Gospels making it a more difficult book to read in fragments of time.

My Kindle tends to be carried around in my bag for odd moments. Currently, I am reading 20000 Leagues under the Sea which has been recommended by my older sons. It took me a while to get into this book, not being a science fiction fan, but I'm gradually acclimatising.

Duncan's War, by Douglas Bond, has been on our shelves for several years. I have glanced at it but not sat down and read it properly until now. This is historical fiction about the Scottish Covenenters and is an exciting read, about dangerous times, which will probably become one of the Book Club recommendations.

There has been plenty of discussion about teaching maths recently. Just before this discussion hit the news, I had found Mathematical Mindsets in the library. The author, Jo Boaler, is a professor of maths education at Stanford. This book is about helping all students believe that maths is approachable and that they are able to tackle the subject via a positive attitude to maths. It makes fascinating, and at times, challenging reading. There are plenty of ideas about improving maths teaching although I'm still trying to work out how this would work out in practice around a maths curriculum. Hopefully, the latter part of the book will address this. 

The Grandma's attic series has continued to be popular with Younger Daughter. We have now finished another volume in the series, In Grandma's Attic. She is now having a break from this so that there is time to read Caroline Lawrence's Roman Mystery series.

Please add your book recommendations!

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