Tuesday 6 December 2016

December Inspiration

December in London arrived with a cold blast. Our local pond was frozen for several days and we saw ducks walking on ice and even skidding.

Writing does seem to be the most complex subject to include, improve and evaluate. This Reading Mama has a post about how to make writing fun. One addition idea is covering a table with lining paper and providing pens for free writing. We often use this for our table cloth for poetry teatime.

This post from All about Learning Press made so much sense. We do a little copywork here, mainly to improve handwriting but time has told that it doesn't help with spelling. The additional factor, for very weak spellers, is to encourage accurate copying which can be useful in answering questions.

Angellicscalliwags has produced a helpful collection of her posts on South America. This would be helpful for designing a unit study. Our home education group hopes to spend a term learning about South America, next term, so this has been pinned!

This year, I have read a fair amount and read aloud even more but haven't done best well with my reading challenges. This is partly because there have been other books which I have needed to read either around my children's education or for the children's book club which I run.  Still, I am very tempted about this reading challenge for next year. It looks flexible which is useful but might stretch me to read more widely. This year, I have read between the committed and obsessed level but might stick to the former!

Food for thought: talent vs grit.

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