Thursday 2 February 2017

February Inspiration

February is the next month to March! And, there is plenty to read.

Growing book by book has a Family Dinner Book club. It sounds a great idea although currently, I am struggling a bit with having care givers arriving in the middle of our main meal and needing to sort out a second different meal. Perhaps, this might work better for us at a different time of day. I don't know most of the books although can recommend Boxes for Katje,which is a real tear jerker, and The Pumpkin Runner.

Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin's house is for sale, if anyone has a spare almost £1.9 million.

A lovely thought about home educating teens, from Kat at Boyschooling. 

Thoughts about helping children who have a maths phobia. The second point is really important. People often say negative things about maths in a way that they never would about reading. How often have you heard an adult say 
I never really liked/understood maths. 


Algebra/statistics isn't useful for everyday life?

Last, a most enormous list of poetry anthologies for children which cover so many subjects. I have been drooling over the grammar and spelling books but there is so much more.

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