Friday 10 February 2017

First half term 2017

We divide our year into half terms, like most UK schools. This means that we never go too long without a break. Today marks the end of the first half term of the year.

This has been an odd half term. Grandma came home from hospital near the beginning and then my husband and the children had a trip to Moscow to meet up with our eldest daughter.

Having Grandma home has led to changes. Strangely, although we have more carers visiting and more visits, having the first visit earlier in the day has led to fewer interruptions in the morning. Although, we have had a spate of late morning visits from various professionals which has been rather disruptive to maths and led me to wonder whether we ought to change to a computer based programme. I'm not sure yet and would prefer to leave things as they are. 

The Moscow trip was exciting, in many ways because there was proper snow.

The children were also able to see some of the main sites in the city.

Moscow photos by kind permission of Younger Daughter

Youngest Son hadn't flown before and Younger Daughter had flown once when she was too young to remember so this has been an important trip.
We have spent time learning a little about Russian history, music, food and geography.

Our read alouds this half term haven't been around the Russian theme but were Little House in the Big Woods and The Long Winter for the children's book clubs. We have also started Children of the New Forest which fits in with our history and has led to a fair amount of discussion around the sides in the English Civil War. For morning time, we are reading

  • The Ology
  • Claude Monet: Magician of Colour
  • The Ultimate Book of Science
I'm looking forward to having some time to evaluate and read over half term and maybe have some rest!

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  1. Lovely to see Moscow photos. Neil proposed on the bridge leading to Christ the Saviour cathedral so Moscow is a very special place for us.

    1. I am sure that our younger daughter would be very happy to show you more of her photos. E was hoping to take a photo of the bridge and send it to you.

  2. What a fantastic opportunity for them. I'd love to see her photos too.

  3. The trip to Moscow sounds very exciting!