Wednesday 10 January 2018

Cooking Challenge 2018

My younger daughter loves cooking so has set herself a challenge for the New Year.  It sounds exciting and quite varied.
Here is the list:
A vegan recipe
          A vegetarian recipe
      Something out of my comfort zone
      Something from an Indian cook
     A recipe from a chef whose recipes I have not used before.
      A recipe that has a nice picture
   Something that I think I will hate
    A starter
      Pastry canapes
   Sweet pastry  
       An Eastern European recipe
     An African recipe
     An American recipe
      A Scottish recipe
      A Welsh recipe
      A World War II recipe
      A beverage. 
     A summer recipe
      A recipe for the pets
   Boiled sweets
      A cake
      A roast
      A bake sale
      A full meal starter, main, dessert
      A birthday cake (big)
     Nigella Lawson recipe
      Mary Berry recipe
      Lorraine Pascal recipe
    Cornish Pasty
   German recipe
   Spanish recipe
   Use a cook book we have not used before
  Chocolate pizza
   Chocolate tart
  A new breakfast
  Bread basket
  Biscuit structure
   A recommended bake
 A cheesecake

I'm looking forward to seeing, and tasting, these recipes!

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  1. Wow she's going to be busy - well done for the ambition and ability!

  2. Recommend black pudding or haggis as the Scottish dish :) tho not sure if anyone would eat it!

    1. I think one or two of the family might eat it but probably not me!

  3. Replies
    1. Yes but she is really enjoying doing this. I appreciated this challenge when she cooked a roast dinner for us on Saturday!

  4. That's a great idea. My daughter would be crossing out 'Something that I think I will hate.'

    1. It is funny-my daughter made something that she thought she would hate and really didn't enjoy the product!