Wednesday 29 April 2020

Christian Emergency Home Schooling UK

Two Christian home educators, Christina and Joanne, who have about fifty years of home education experience between them, have put together a blog , Covid Emergency Home Schooling UK, aimed at parents who have been thrown into teaching their children at home. 

They make suggestions for a plan for each day which includes a Bible time, maths and English followed by a lesson plan for each day.The lesson plans have a clear Christian worldview.  Topics have included The First Round World Bicycle trip, the Trojan Horse, World Health Day, Samuel Morse and much more. The lesson plans include activities, extension work and things to think about. Christina and Joanne have tended to take something that happened on that day in history as the basis for that day's work. The work is geared for primary aged children. 

It seems that work provided by schools varies from a whole day online to very little. These lesson plans provide an ideal opportunity to have something ready prepared to teach children either when there is little provided by school or to profitably use extra time. 

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