Saturday 30 May 2020

Geography for older children

Last Summer, I made the decision to put together our geography resources for this year. We have been using these items over the last year and this plan has worked well. My home educated children would be in years 6 and 8 if they were in school. 

I hope that these will be useful for others too.

  • Galore Park Geography books. My year 8 child uses these books. There are both  human and physical geography books. To be honest, the human geography book has raised much more enthusiasm. We have added videos and reports, for example, on the ethical status of clothing manufacturers. Videos are easy to find using KS3 and the relevant topic in the search bar. I tend to use videos which are under 10 minutes long and pre-watch them first. 
  • Living books. These have included Seabird (avoid if you are squeamish about whaling!), A London Sparrow (biography of Gladys Aylward) and Shackleton's Journey.
  • Blog posts from Blog about Britain.  This is updated several times most weeks and is ideal for reading in Morning Time.
  • A board game: On the Map from Oaka Resources. Not cheap but highly recommended and at one point, was used daily.
  • Online quizzes from Seterra
  • We always have a world map on display and atlases readily available.
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