Thursday, 2 July 2020

Home Educating in Unusual Tiimes

We have been home educating for over eleven years now. Like everyone else, our lives have changed over the last few months. 

Early on, our home education group made the decision to plan for a term of online activities. I must say, that this has been a real blessing. 

In the days when we met in person, we had a meeting once a fortnight with groups for different ages running concurrently. This doesn't work for online meetings. In addition, the free version of Zoom, which we use only allows meetings of 40 minutes. We have gone for four meetings a week of up to 40 minutes. Three of those meetings are for age specific groups and one is for children to give presentations.

I have been amazed at what has been possible due to the ingenuity of parents and children. Please don't think that all these ideas are mine-they aren't! These are just some of the activities that have taken place.

  • scavenger hunts
  • book clubs
  • science lessons
  • poetry teas
  • cooking sessions
  • brownies from the cooking session
  • quizzes
  • watching and comparing film clips
  • games such as the Bible character 20 question game 
  • a concert
and far more.

At the beginning of lockdown, there was a plethora of free online activities. We tried a couple but found that we really needed to continue with the work which I had already planned. Lockdown has had a strange effect, in that we are at least a couple of weeks ahead of where we would usually be at this point in the year. We plan to do some slightly different activities for the last fortnight of term. 

One activity which we have added recently and plan to keep as part of our day is BSL Club. This is run by a friend from church. One of the children has already learned some BSL so this is more revision for her but new learning for my youngest and me. The videos are short so we practice what we have learned before and play a video in morning time.

It has been, and continues to be, a strange time but not without encouragements. 

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