Monday 23 January 2012

Pushing the boundary with veg-pak choi

I haven't pushed the boundary with fruit or veg for a while now but have a list of recipes to try this year.

Today is Chinese New Year and, not only that, but we are "rowing" Ping, by Marjorie Flack, which is set in China with the younger children. So today was the day to try stir fried pork and ginger. I had hoped to have a link as the recipe is in my BBC food recipe book but sadly, it doesn't seem to be on the BBC site.

Suffice to say, this is a simple recipe involving stir frying pork fillet, garlic, ginger with vegetables. The recipe suggested Savoy cabbage but I used pak choi and added in the sprouted mung beans that we grew.

Success, everyone enjoyed it-not easy when cooking for eight. Even my most fussy eater ate the pak choi-possibly not realising that a form of cabbage was involved.

I need to stir fry more often!


  1. Wow! All 8 liked it- that's definitely a success!! It looks really good. I don't stir fry often because my daughter's allergic to soy, and thus, soy sauce, but I need to find some "soy free," stir fry recipes because they are such a good option! Thanks for linking up to Try a New Food Tuesday!!

  2. It must be difficult finding stir fry recipes which are soy free. I hadn't stir fried for ages but was impressed by the speed (needed on the day concerned) and how pleased the family were. Planning another go.

  3. I know that this is the best recipe of stir fry. Because even the kids will love it. I will now try to cook it on my own so that my kids will also taste it. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

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