Tuesday 25 September 2012

Bodiam Castle

This trip was really breaking one of my rules but was actually one of our most successful trips. The rule is that trips have to be around current educational themes and objectives. Currently, we are studying Ancient history not the history of the Middle Ages. 

The trip worked as Middle Son finds the Middle Ages the most interesting part of history, Miss Belle thinks anything historical is great and Mr Exuberance loves anything to do with knights and castles. Now, I really have to make that timeline! And so much for rules!

Bodiam was built in 1385. I was surprised by this as from its position, near Battle, I had thought that it must be Norman but I was wrong. There is a satisfyingly large amount of castle left and an amazing moat. It is easy to imagine what living there was really like-much easier than if there were just a few stones.

It has a short introductory video which was good enough for a three year old's attention span. Climbing the turrets was the children's favourite activity. I'm always a bit nervous at the top but the walls seemed fairly well secured.

There were a few re-enactors to explain facets of the castle's history.

Maybe the real test of success of a trip is how much it enthuses and creates interest if so this was successful.

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