Tuesday 10 December 2013

Four Picture books about Christmas

Christmas books are an area where I'm quite picky.

My criteria are that the books have to be attractive and something that I enjoy reading aloud-as always-but in addition, books about the Biblical account should not contain pictures of the Lord Jesus and that books about general celebrations shouldn't include Santa as fact. So the list of books that we enjoy is quite short although usually padded out by books about snow

Books about the Nativity:
 The birth of Jesus by B. Ramsbottom sticks closely to the Biblical account. It has large print for early readers and of the two books about the Nativity, I much prefer the illustrations in this one.

Long, long ago in Bethlehem: the birth of Jesus by Carine MacKenzie. This book, again, has large print. The information on each page is short and simple.

General books about the season:
Jungle bells by Nick Butterworth is the story of how two mice managed to outwit a cat with the aid of a special present. This story always makes me laugh even though I'm usually on the side of the cat!

An Edwardian Christmas by John S. Goodall. This is a beautiful book, with no text, depicting an old fashioned Christmas. I love looking at this as do the children. Sadly, I think this is out of print but can be obtained second hand.

For more Christmas books visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog from 18th December.


  1. These look like wonderful books! I can't wait to check them out for our family's collection.

  2. Those look like great books. I looked at Edwardian Christmas and a used copy is about US$25 so I will have to look for it in a thrift store.

    1. I've just checked on Amazon here and a used copy is £6.48 so better than your prices but not cheap! Definitely worth looking in the thrift store.