Thursday, 12 November 2015

An Apology

Last week, I posted about our fungi nature walk and what we thought might be a puffball or could have been a common earth ball fungus.

We carefully drew this into our sketchbooks and looked up more images on line. It transpired that this fungus has a dark blue/black inside. This was growing in our garden so Younger Daughter thought that it would be interesting to dissect it. Armed with gloves and an old knife that we didn't mind throwing away, Younger Daughter and I set off up the garden to investigate, only, to our surprise, this fungus was rather tough.
It was extremely hard to cut and had an odd consistency and yes, we realised that we were cutting a polystyrene ball.


Apologies for misleading you all. We genuinely thought this was a fungus until we started to dissect. I guess we need to observe more carefully. We hadn't touched the supposed fungus in case it was poisonous. If we had touched it, we might have become suspicious earlier. 

This will go down in our family memories!

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  1. That's very funny!!

    1. It is rather. I was mortified about parading my fungus picture around. The funny thing was that we spent ages drawing this particular specimen.

  2. Oh, that's hilarious! You'll remember that one for a long time!

  3. That would have to be the first one that was shown in the earlier post. That is funny.

  4. Ha! Glad it wasn't just me. I posted a post like this at the beginning of the year after I had made exactly the same mistake!