Books Read 2017

  1. Beggar of Volubilis-Caroline Lawrence-January 2017 RA
  2. Five English Reformers-JC Ryle-Janaury 2017
  3. Scout: Secret of the Swamp-Piet Prins-January 2017 RA
  4. The Scribe from Alexandria-Caroline Lawrence-January 2017 RA
  5. The loveliness of Christ-Samuel Rutherford-January 2017
  6. I am Malala-Malala Yousafzai - January 2017
  7. Charles Hodge-S.Donald Fortson III-January 2017
  8. Prophet of Ephesus-Caroline Lawrence-January 2017 RA
  9. Secret of the Andes-Ann Nolan Clark-January 2017
  10. Mom Enough-ed. Karalee Reinke and Tony Reinke-January 2017
  11. Tale of Two Cities-Charles Dickens-January 2017
  12. Little House in the Big Woods-Laura Ingalls Wilder-January 2017
  13. On the Pampas-GA Henty-February 2017
  14. Man from Pomegranate Street-Caroline Lawrence-February 2017 RA
  15. The Legionary from Londinium and other mini-mysteries-Caroline Lawrence-February 2017 RA
  16. Spurgeon and Hyper-Calvinism: The Battle for Gospel Preaching-Iain Murray-February 2017
  17. These Strange Ashes-Elizabeth Elliot-February 2017
  18. Jonathan Edwards-Simonetta Carr-February 2017
  19. A Guide to Christian living-John Calvin-February 2017
  20. The Family with Two Front Doors-Anna Ciddor-February 2017 RA
  21. Thunder Omen-Caroline Lawrence-March 2017 RA
  22. Claude Monet: The Magician of Colour-publ Prestel-March 2017 RA
  23. The Code of Romulus-Caroline Lawrence-March 2017 RA
  24. Charlotte's Web-EB White-March 2017 RA
  25. Gentle Ben-Walt Morey-March 2017 RA
  26. God's Smuggler-Brother Andrew with John and Elizabeth Sherrill-March 2017
  27. Journey to the River Sea-Eva Ibbotson-March 2017
  28. CS Lewis: the Story Teller-Derek Bingham-March 2017 RA
  29. Mr Standfast-John Buchan-March 2017 Audiobook
  30. Leonardo and the Flying Boy-Laurence Anholt-March 2017 RA
  31. Viola Girl-Sherri Schoenborn Murray-March 2017 RA
  32. The Mystery of Mary-Grace Livingstone Hill-March 2017 Audiobook
  33. The Zookeeper's Wife-Diane Ackerman-March 2017
  34. The Market Day of the Soul-James T. Dennison Jr-March 2017
  35. John Owen-Simonetta Carr-March 2017
  36. Lost City:The Discovery of Machu Picchu-Ted Lewin-March 2017 RA
  37. The Nation's Favourite Poems-March 2017
  38. The two faced god-Caroline Lawrence-April 2017 RA
  39. The English Puritans: the Rise and Fall of the Puritan Movement-John Brown-April 2017
  40. The Trials of Rumpole-John Mortimer-April 2017
  41. Excellent Women-Barbara Pym-April 2017
  42. J. Gresham Machen-Sean Michael Lucas-April 2017
  43. Children of the New Forest-Frederick Marryat-April 2017-RA
  44. Summer of Suspense-C.R. Hedgcock-April 2017
  45. One Great Purpose:Jim Elliot-Janet and Geoff Benge-April 2017
  46. Luther in Love-Douglas Bond-April 2017
  47. Together through the storm: a practical guide to Christian care-Sally Sims-April 2017
  48. Tom's Sausage Lion-Michael Morpurgo-April 2017-Shared read with Youngest Son
  49. The Ology-Marty Machowski-April 2017 RA
  50. The Innocence of Father Brown-GK Chesterton-May 2017
  51. The Bronski House-Philip Marsden-May 2017
  52. A Bear called Paddington-Michael Bond-May 2017 RA
  53. Flying Ace: Jack Fairfax Royal Flying Corps 1915-1918-Jim Eldridge-May 2017
  54. John Owen-Simonetta Carr-May 2017-RA
  55. Leonardo's Horse-Jean Fritz-May 2017-RA
  56. I'm still here: Creating a better life for a loved one living with Alzheimer's-John Zeisel-May 2017
  57. Waking Mathilda-Claire Crisp-May 2017
  58. The Radium Woman-Eleanor Doorly-May 2017
  59. Journey to the River Sea-Eva Ibbotson-May 2017-RA
  60. People with Dementia Speak Out-Lucy Whitman-May 2017
  61. My name is Victoria-Lucy Worsley-May 2017-RA
  62. God's Way for Romance: Getting back to Biblical Courtship-Stuart Burgess-May 2017
  63.  The Princess and the Goblin-George MacDonald-May 2017
  64. Developing a healthy prayer life-James W. Beeke and Joel R. Beeke-June 2017
  65. Great Escape Stories-Eric Williams-June 2017
  66. Man overboard: The Story of Jonah-Sinclair Ferguson-June 2017
  67. Archimedes and the Door of Science-Jeanne Bendick-June 2017 RA
  68. Stepping Heavenward- Mrs E. Prentiss-June 2017
  69. The Family at One End Street-Eve Garnett-June 2017 RA
  70. Famous Women in Scottish Story-A.S. Strachan-June 2017
  71. Tintin in Tibet-Herge-June 2017
  72. My side of the mountain-Jean Craighead George-July 2017
  73. This little pebble: a look at rock cycles-Anna Claybourne-July 2017 RA
  74. The boy who biked the world: riding the Americas-July 2017 RA
  75. Finding Gobi: the true story of one little dog's big journey- Dion Leonard -July 2017 RA
  76. David Martyn Lloyd-Jones: The First Forty Years 1899-1939-Iain Murray-July 2017
  77. The Protestant Reformation: Returning to the Word of God-C.P. Hallihan-July 2017
  78. No graven image-Elizabeth Elliot-July 2017
  79. The Singing Tree-Kate Seredy-July 2017
  80. Why the Reformation still matters-Michael Reeves and Tim Chester-July 2017
  81. Death in the Arena-Caroline Lawrence-July 2017-RA
  82. A Song for Summer-Eva Ibbotson-July 2017
  83. How to teach fiction writing at Key Stage 2-Pie Corbett-August 2017
  84. Lion-Saroo Brierley-August 2017
  85. Federal Husband-Douglas Wilson-August 2017
  86. Johanna and Henriette Kuyper-Abigail van der Welde-August 2017
  87. Ten Girls who didn't give in-Irene Howat-August 2017-RA
  88. The Edge of War-Dorothy Hogan-August 2017
  89. Dismantling the Big Bang-Alex Williams and John Hartnett-September 2017
  90. The Holy War-John Bunyan-September 2017
  91. A Young Person's Guide to Knowing God-Patricia St John-September 2017 RA
  92. David Livingstone-L Du Garde Peach-September 2017 RA
  93. The Wheel on the School-Meindert DeJong-September 2017 RA
  94. Mystery of Pheasant Cottage-Patricia St John-September 2017 RA
  95. The Mystery of the Periodic Table-Benjamin D Wiker-September 2017
  96. Friend or Foe-Michael Morpurgo-October 2017 RA
  97. All Creatures Great and Small-James Herriot-October 2017
  98. Honest evangelism: How to talk about Jesus even when its tough-Rico Tice-October 2017
  99. Fidget to focus: Outwit your boredom-Roland Rotz and Sarah D Wright-October 2017
  100. My side of the mountain-Jean Craighead George-October 2017 RA
  101. Shadow-Michael Morpurgo-October 2017 RA
  102. The Watchmaker's Daughter-Jean Watson-November 2017 RA
  103. William Wilberforce: the life of the great anti-slave trade campaigner: William Hague-November 2017
  104. Sermon on the Mount-Sinclair Ferguson-November 2017
  105. 13 Photos Children should know-Brad Finger-November 2017 RA
  106. Moon over Manifest-ClareVanderpool-November 2017
  107. Julius Caesar-William Shakespeare-November 2017
  108. Who built that? Modern Houses-Didier Cornille-November 2017 RA
  109. Churchill's Secret-Jonathan Smith-November 2017
  110. Mysterious Benedict Society-Trenton Lee Stewart-December 2017 RA
  111. Christie's Old Organ-OF Walton-December 2017 RA
  112. Home-based Eldercare: stories and strategies for Caregivers-Marcia Washburn-December 2017
  113. The Minor adjustment Beauty Salon-Alexander McCall Smith-December 2017
  114. The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey-Trenton Lee Stewart-December 2017 RA
  115. Secrets of Saxonhill-Kathleen Duncan-December 2017 RA
  116. Ausperity: Live the life you want for less-Lucy Tobin-December 2017
  117. Do no Harm-Henry Marsh-December 2017

RA Read aloud

2017 Christian Reading Challenge
I hope to take part in this and aim to complete the Committed Reader level (52 books). This means reading the Light Reader, Avid Reader and Committed Reader levels. The book written against a category is the book which I have read.

Light Reader
  • A biography: Charles Hodge
  • A classic novel: On the Pampas
  • A book about history: Flying Ace
  • A book targeted at your gender: Mom Enough
  • A book about theology: Spurgeon and Hyper-Calvinism
  • A book with at least 400 pages: Tale of Two Cities
  • A book your pastor recommends: The Holy War
  • A book about Christian living: The Loveliness of ChristA book of your choice: Secret of the Andes
  • A book about a current issue: I am Malala
Avid Reader

  • A book written by a Puritan
  • A book by or about a missionary: These strange Ashes
  • A book about Christian living: A Guide to Christian living
  • A commentary on a book of the Bible
  • A book about the Reformation: Why the Reformation still matters
  • A book about theology: Market Day of the Soul
  • A book recommended by a family member: The Bronski House
  • A book with a great cover: The Singing Tree
  • A book on the current New York Times list of bestsellers: The Zookeeper's Wife
  • A book about church history: The English Puritans
  • A book of 100 pages or less: Jonathan Edwards
  • A book of your choice: God's Smuggler
  • A book that won a prize: Charlotte's Web
Committed Reader

  • A book from a theological viewpoint you disagree with
  • A book about Christian living: Together through the storm
  • A book about apologetics: Dismantling the Big Bang
  • A book of your choice: Mr Standfast
  • A humorous book: The trials of Rumpole
  • A book based on a true story: Family with Two Front Doors
  • A book about prayer: Developing a healthy prayer life
  • A book of poetry: The Nation's Favourite Poems
  • A book with a one-word title: Shadow
  • A book by Sinclair Ferguson: Man Overboard
  • A novel by an author you have never read before: Mystery of Mary
  • A book about Christian living: Ten Girls who didn't give in
  • A memoir or autobiography: J. Gresham Machen
  • A play by William Shakespeare: Julius Caesar
  • A book of your choice: Excellent Women
  • A book written by an author with initials in their name: Summer of Suspense
  • A book by a female author: Journey to the River Sea
  • A book about theology: The Ology
  • A book published by Crossway
  • A self-improvement book
  • A graphic novel: Tintin in Tibet
  • A book you own but have never read: The Edge of War
  • A book targeted at the other gender: Federal Husband
  • A book about Christian living: A Young Person's Guide to Knowing God
  • A book of your choice: The Innocence of Father Brown
  • A book about race or racial issues: The Watchmaker's Daughter

The Obsessed Reader

  • A book you have started but never finished: William Wilberforce
  • A book about church history: The Protestant Reformation: Returning to the Word of God
  • A book about holiness or sanctification
  • A book about science: The Radium Woman
  • A book used as a seminary textbook
  • A book on the ECPA bestseller list
  • A book about productivity or time management
  • A book of your choice: I'm still here
  • A book about spiritual disciplines
  • A book about parenting: Fidget to focus
  • A book about Christian living: Home-Based Elder Care
  • A book by Iain Murray: David Martyn Lloyd-Jones: The First Forty Years 1899-1939
  • A book about business
  • A book about theology
  • A book about marriage: God's Way for Romance
  • A photo essay book: 13 Photos children should know
  • A book of comics
  • A book about the Second World War: Great Escape Stories
  • A book by a Puritan
  • A book about preaching or public speaking
  • A book of your choice: People with Dementia Speak out
  • A book about suffering: Waking Mathilda
  • A book about evangelism: Honest evangelism
  • A book by your favourite author
  • A book you have read before: Stepping Heavenward
  • A Christian novel: No graven image
  • A biography of a Christian: J Gresham Machen
  • A book about the natural world: My side of the Mountain
  • A novel for young adults:A Song for Summer
  • A novel longer than 400 pages: All Creatures Great and Small 
  • A book about history: Famous Women in Scottish Story
  • A book about the Bible
  • A book recommended by a friend: Lion
  • A book published by P and R publications: Johanna and Henrietta Kuyper
  • A book with an ugly cover: The wheel of the school
  • A book by or about a martyr:One great purpose: Jim Elliot
  • A book of your choice: My name is Victoria
  • A book about Christian living: Sermon on the Mount
  • A book about church history
  • A book about money or finance: Ausperity
  • A book about leadership
  • A book by John Piper
  • A book about theology
  • A book for children or teens: A Bear called Paddington
  • A book about sexuality
  • A book about writing: How to teach fiction writing at Key Stage 2
  • A book about current events: Do no harm
  • A biography of a world leader: Churchill's Secret
  • A book about the church
  • A  book of your choice: The Princess and the Goblin
  • A  book about a hobby
  • A book written in the twentieth century: Archimedes and the Door of Science

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