Wednesday 11 August 2010

Book lists-picture books for little ones

I'm a bit addicted to books-biblioholic. Anyway, several friends have contributed to lists of books as notes on Facebook and one sensibly suggested, thank you Rachel, keeping the lists together for anyone who wants to see them.
So this is a start! Please feel free to post comments with more suggestions! There is a second part to this-these are our oldest favourites. There are some newer ones to follow.

1.Psalm 127 and 103 illustrated by Johanna Bluedorn. We brought this when the pound was rather stronger even so it is a great book.

2.Peter Rabbit and various others by Beatrix Potter-wonderful illustrations and rich vocabulary.

3.Oxcart man by Donald Hall. From the US detailing a year in a family's life. A bit like Laura Inglis WIlder for little ones.

4.When Willie went to the wedding by Judith Kerr. Very funny-think it is out of print. Ours is a battered copy from a second hand sale but much loved.

5.Alfie series by Shirley Hughes. You've probably all read these and know them by heart. The pig getting into the tent is the best! The pig story is in the "Alfie out of doors storybook".

6.Tiptoes the mischievous kitten-old Ladybird book with 1960s illustrations.

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