Tuesday 17 August 2010

Book lists-picture books for little ones 2

More books-so hard to choose the favourites

7.Peepo by Janet and Allan Ahlberg very well known although I didn't know about this book until our third child!

8..Edwardian Christmas by John Goodall-no words just sumptious pictures.

9.Hungry caterpillar by Eric Carle-each child has had a copy of some sort-board/paper/DVD/pop-up. This has become a bit of an industry but we also like The Busy Spider, by the same author.

10. Just like Floss and others (not "The last train") by Kim Lewis. Our youngest has just started to enjoy Little Baa-a simple story about a lamb who loses his mother. This has beautiful pictures of bluebells and the countryside,in spring. I probably shouldn't be reading it to the children in August, they will get confused.

11. Make way for the ducklings by Robert McCloskey. This was a suggestion from a friend from the US. This is set in Boston. We have had great fun looking up pictures of the places mentioned in the book-the State House, the swan boats, Louisburg Square.

12. Richard Scarry's ABC has been a recent find-30p at a summer fair! The Richard Scarry Busy Workers book is a well established read, here. 

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