Tuesday 31 August 2010

Spending to save my money

Three items that cost money but have saved far more.

Clothes line-this was cheap anyway. I really could do with a second! Nothing like clothes dried on the line. One trick I've learnt, recently, is to put on a wash last thing at night so it is ready to go out first thing in the morning. In England, in Spring and Autumn, this is often the difference between a load or two dry rather than needing to use the tumble dryer or have damp washing round the house.

My steel thermos. This was brought in a National Trust shop sale in Devon, on a cold February day. I take a hot flask of coffee whenever I'm driving a long distance or when having a picnic lunch. Brought coffee is so expensive-just work out how much even one brought coffee a week is over a year vs taking your own. I do occasionally buy coffee out but try to make this a very special treat not an every day or even every month event. I had conventional thermos flasks before but they don't keep the coffee so hot and with each flask there is some dreadful moment when the toddler drops it and there is a little tinkle. The steel thermos has been dropped and has a few dents to prove it but works just as well as ever. Good for my sanity!

The breadmaker-this was expensive. We calculated that a breadmaker would pay for itself in 100 breadmakings. That was before we found that we could make a successful loaf with value flour rather than strong flour. Of course, if I was better organised I could make bread in the oven in big batches and save more but I'm not. I spent several years trying and failing to make regular big batches. The breadmaker works better for us.

I would love to know how other people have spent to save.


  1. I did use a breadmaker for a while- then mine broke and the one I was 'leant' to replace it was no where near as good. So for now I am back to shop bought. Over the summer I spent £1.50 each on 2 drinks flasks for the boys- must have saved at least £15 on the cost of drinks when out if not more.
    We rent our washer /dryer. Yes it costs money each month and we could have bought at least 2 outright by now- but we have had about 4 new ones in the past 10 years at no extra charge, you get almost immediate call out (dec 24th once!) and there is no fee.

  2. Leah and I went to bookers a while back and bought a pack of 40 andrex quilts toilet rolls, at 14.50 ish! We split the cost and the toilet rolls! So 20 rolls of nice toilet roll for £7 ish, isnt bad! We have tried value rolls before and we have both found that you need to use more and therefore they run out faster. We have both tried the own brands and have found that quilted rolls last a bit longer(as you need to use less each time), and are a bit more luxury.
    For us, an 8 pack lasts about 1 month or more. so i guess 20 will last around 3 months. If we stretch it! £7 for 3 months of toilet roll!!!

  3. Susanna, I hadn't heard about renting a washing machine. It sounds good. I really don't like the washing machine breaking down. Do you rent from a national company?

  4. Bethan,we were only talking about buying in bulk today. One of the children wanted me to buy a box of crisps and I like the idea of half a lamb!
    That price for toilet roll is very competitive and there is VAT on toilet roll (amazing!) so will be worth stocking up against 4th Jan.
    Do you need a card for Bookers?

  5. Yes, the tab has one in my mum's name. She might give the customer number to you if you want it. It is usually only for businesses, but here's an idea, if Alun has set up his own firm, can you set up one in the name of the company? Sometimes it is value for money, but you have to check it out. Asda sometimes is cheaper. Research it! Try macro too, never been myself, but the marches use that, so not sure if business set up is needed.