Friday 22 October 2010

Becoming a professional wife and mother

At the end of January, I plan to hang up my professional tools and become "just" a wife and mother-a housewife. This is a fairly considerable change after 21 years in the workplace-admitted 17 of them part time and the last year or so very part time.

I'm not leaving because I don't like my job-I do. I worked for years to have this type of job and more than that, it is useful and I like to think, helps others.

It isn't because my post is immoral or wrong in some way. There are ethical issues as in most professional posts but not such that I couldn't, with a clear conscience do the job.

So why? Because I'm leaving the good to do the best-the job that God has designed for me at present. I'm becoming a professional wife and mother.

Those verses in Titus 2 about the younger women that they should be taught to "Love their husbands, their children" have become more meaningful to me. Not that I hadn't loved my husband and children before-of course, I have but that they need a practical expression of that with me around to run the house, to take control of the home education rather than leaving set work on a couple of afternoons, to ensure that my husband has the freedom to work in peace without worrying about the doorbell or sorting out grammar questions or what Mum really wanted on the timeline. Perhaps, more they need someone around who will be able to listen, to pray with them, to look after them when unwell. Someone who is able to just be there.

In thinking about this over a long time, it has struck me that a good wife and mother has many characteristics of a good professional although without the dispassionate interest. A wife and mother is, and should be, emotionally involved.

The professional works way beyond set hours-this has been a major issue for me trying to balance my job and home. There is extra reading, going back to sort things out, writing proposals and business plans and going to conferences. Similarly, what wife and mother has set hours?

A professional will be trying to improve the service. A home maker tries to improve the home to produce a better and more welcoming atmosphere.

A true professional wants to pass on their skills and teach others. What is God's command to parents? "These words which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: and thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children".

This analogy becomes limiting. God's role for parents is so much greater. We are training children not only about earthly things-how to read and write, blow their noses and tie up their shoe laces-important though these are but we are given the task, if we are Christian parents, of teaching them spiritual things and given the responsiblity of praying for those children.

Pray for me-this is a major change and one which most of you will have accomplished without any ado, years ago.


  1. This is a really good post and I will be praying for you.

  2. Thanks for this post Sarah, what an encouragement indeed!It's a wonderful privilege to have the opportunity to stay at home and be a homemaker and look after our children. I've seen this more and more as Niah grows up and coming from a background where my mum had to work for various reasons I feel the importance even more of having someone just to be there at home all the time. Let us pray for each other in this greatest of tasks!xxx

  3. I will be praying for you, Sarah, as you make this exciting and challenging transition. I pray that you will soon see the fruit of your obedience to God and that He will give you much grace during this season of change.

  4. Sarah,

    I am very excited for you and this next part of the journey the Lord will be leading you to walk. I am grateful to hear of all the Lord is doing in your family's life. What a testimony to your family. God bless you and I will be praying for you.


  5. I have been an attorney and in 2011, I came home full-time. I do currently run a small business from home, but home list is my primary focus these days. As you mention, Titus 2 was one of the biblical passages that spoke into my heart as my husband and I prayerfully considered the change. I found your blog when I was searching for others who had worked and then come home, and I find that so encouraging. Blessings to you and hope you are having a wonderful week!

    1. Thank you. I've been a full time wife and mother for over two years now and am sure that this is where God would have me, at this stage in life. Glad to have been an encouragement.

  6. I sent this out to two moms looking to jump into God's calling. Both with years of schooling behind them in their respective fields. God is good and He goes before our feelings may be ready for such a shift. Thanks for posting.