Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Present wraps

We are in birthday season. During October, we have three birthdays at exactly weekly intervals.
I may be mean but it never seems a sensible use of resources to spend loads of money on wrapping paper so we tend to recycle reasonable pieces of paper and present bags are tended with special care!
I do splash out on wrapping paper in the after Christmas sales. Usually, I buy generic type paper that can be used for various occasions. In my opinion, gold wrapping paper can be used for Christmas, birthdays and babies!
My friend Carol has gone a stage further and uses cloth to wrap presents. I have been the recipient of a present wrapped in cloth that I was able to use to make an apron. Carol has blogged about cloth wraps A year or so ago, I made a half hearted attempt by making some cloth bags for presents but ran out of time and gave up! I'm not sure what the younger children would think-they like tearing paper but for older family members this may well be a less wasteful idea than wrapping paper. Has anyone else tried this?


  1. I discovered today that recycling sacks meant for garden waste (available from our library for 20p each) make a great substitute for brown parcel paper; you could get the children to decorate them?

    We're also into birthday season, but I generally don't wrap gifts

  2. Great ideas!

    I've often thought about using cloth to wrap gifts, especially since the recipient can re-use it as gift wrap, if they wish. I remember first considering it when I saw it done in Sense and Sensibility. ;-)

    Good idea about the using of gold wrap for all occasions. My mom always made us carefully unwrap presents and keep the paper. Then she'd re-use it for the next Christmas or birthday (if usable for it) present.
    We never minded slightly wrinkly-paper wrapped gifts.

    Now, I must execute this next time I gift a gift.

    Thanks, Sarah!