Friday 29 October 2010

Training up our children

Training up our children is a new blog which was the brainchild of my friend, Henrietta.
The aim of the blog is to be useful to Reformed Christians thinking about home education, how it actually works, what a typical day might be and so on.
I'm one of the co-authors but am hoping to learn being, very much, the new girl on the block.
Henrietta has home educated all her twelve children. She currently teaches eleven. Her eldest is now working.
The other authors are Sharon who is a single mother home educating her two children in Texas and Anne who home educates her four children on a Scottish Island.
We are all Bible believing Christians who educate outside the school system but the methods we use are different and tailored to our own families.
Do pop over and look at the new blog. Hopefully it will be interesting and useful not only if you are considering home education but also if you already home educate or have children in school. It may also be of value if you don't have children but want to know what home teaching looks like.

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  1. How exciting! I can't wait to read it.