Saturday 19 March 2011

Odds and ends

Just a few interesting links from this week. Warning: a very eclectic mixture.

Preschoolers: I remember the musical rendition of Peter Rabbit from my childhood. This site has recordings from old records of several musical renditions of Beatrix Potter. Some of the sound is a bit fuzzy but worth a listen for nostalgia plus little ones may like this.

Home education: Interesting article about teaching boys maths. I haven't read the books yet but will be looking out for these. I'm sure the principles apply to girls too. 

Hymns: I recently decided that I really needed to get hold of a copy of Julian's Dictionary of Hymnology (1907). Thankfully, it is available on line. This covers a very wide range of writers and obviously is a bit dated but is a useful starting point when looking for information. I do think that he maligns one of my favourite writers.


  1. hello there!

    thank you for stopping by my blog.
    Teaching children to knit...hmmm...i think it helps if they see you knit a lot!
    Also, this book is smashing, as it has some super rhymes to help little ones remember the movements of knitting & some great first patterns. I cannot recommend it more highly!

  2. Lynn, thank you. Will look up the knitting book.

  3. The hymn book looks interesting. We love hymns, and I must know. :) Who is one of your favorite writers? Thanks for the links.

    I noticed we enjoy some of the same authors as I looked at your booklist.

  4. Trisha, I thought that he was a bit unfair to William Gadsby. I know that not all Gadsby's hymns are first rank but "Immortal honours", "High beyond imagination" and "What matchless condescension" are, in my opinion, better than Julian describes.

  5. I'm not familiar with Gadsby other than the hymns I've seen posted. I've been wanting to get a Gadsby hymnal, and the Olney. (Is that correct?):)

    Thanks for listing some of your favorites. I'll take a look at them.

    Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ!

  6. Trisha, not quite the same as the hymnal in your hand but I recently found that Olney hymns are available on line.
    Hope you find it enjoyable and profitable.

  7. Ok, I'll be quiet after this. :)

    Thanks so much for this link. I just downloaded it. I think hymns make some of the best copywork, too!