Tuesday 1 March 2011

World maths and spelling days and other internet thoughts

Today is World Maths Day. Our middle child has been more enthusiastic about maths than I have ever seen him; trying to win his award for 60 games and to beat other competitors around the world. Thursday is World Spelling Day; from the practise run it seems that this will be equally well received.

We had entered, last year, but I had, well, forgotten. I don't think that the enthusiasm was so great then and I only stumbled on this last night. I'm just so glad that I did. The maths is quite simple- mental arithmetic but great for speed and accuracy plus a change from our usual maths. Registration is still open and the "day" extends beyond midnight here in the UK so that it appears that further games can be played tomorrow. Presumably, registration for the Spelling Day will stay open tomorrow.

World Maths Day is free and is open to home educators as well as schools.

That a useful part of the internet and there are others: encouragement, being able to keep up with friends , photos to family, recipes and ideas but the downside is the time. I find that I spend too much time on the internet when I'm tired. It takes less effort to read a blog or look at someone's photos than to get up and make an effort to end the day. This article is challenging.

I've set my own rules now so, hopefully, I won't take a sneaky look after breakfast or spend long on the computer at midnight! You are welcome to challenge me if I do-accountability helps.

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