Wednesday 16 March 2011

Time for planting

We've been blessed with a garden which, by UK standards, is large. An opportunity for the children to play, for summer hospitality and for our own fruit and vegetables.

 I'm not a great gardener and there are so many things to do....

Encouraged by Large Family Logistics, I've decided to devote regular time to the garden.
The suggestion in this book is to have a Gardening Day possibly Saturday. Tried this sort of thing in the past but it really hasn't worked for us. There are so many other things to do on Saturdays and we like to have everything prepared for the Lord's Day which seems to take me a fair amount of time. A good use of time though.

What has seemed to work better for me is to have a regular half an hour once bookwork has finished for the day. The younger children also love having time to play outside and get muddy! This week, I've pushed this up with another half hour after lunch. This fits well into the schedule as our 10 year old has half an hour reading time after lunch, initially, while Mum sorted out the baby and put him down for his much mourned rest but now while the aforesaid "baby" and his sister enjoy the outside.

What remains to be seen is whether the plants grow.
This is one recent attempt. Usually, even I can grow hyacinths but this time either I or a little helper managed to plant two out of three hyacinths upside down.

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  1. I really must get on with our garden.
    Even though I neglect it too often. I have some beautiful flowers peeking through .