Monday 22 August 2011

Apple art

We have some very fruitful apple trees and have been enjoying the fruit in various guises. There are a fair few windfalls in reasonable condition so we used these for some art.

If you do this, please be careful to make sure that the apples used aren't harbouring wasps. I used fresh windfalls which were either in good condition or had some bruising.

First, the apples were painted
and then rolled on a long piece of brown paper.

Different coloured paints to add different trails.

We then cut some apples in half and did some printing. Not quite sure why the foot was involved although hand and foot prints inevitably happened a bit later.

Finally, at least for now, we made some apple faces using acorns which also seem to be plentiful this year, twigs and leaves stuck on with a bit of force and PVA glue.

This is linked to It's Playtime.

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  1. That's so neat! I remember doing a lot of apple printing and even apple carving (with older children). Blessings!