Wednesday 10 August 2011

What I've been learning

Se7en is the blog of a South African home educating mother of se7en plus 1. There is so much on this blog. I've been having to ration myself. We had planned a unit study of an African country next term and I was vacillating between South Africa and another country. Well, now I'm decided-there is so much information here to use: recipes, book lists, crafts plus so much other inspirational stuff around home educating and bringing up children.I particularly liked this post on educating and the holistic list of activities the Se7en family aim to cover each day.

Sarah at Pajama School has a useful post on encouraging little ones to walk. I tried the swimming between islands idea on a hot sunny day with more than enough walking and it worked.

4Moms are blogging through Large Family Logistics. I have to admit that I failed to read 17 chapters which was the allocation last week but am reading the book again. There are several sections that I really need to implement. Reading the thoughts of others has been a helpful push.

We brought a new tube of Pritt Stick this week-not very exciting. Pritt Stick have a challenge to make a collage using recycled or natural materials and if enough are posted on their site will plant trees. I didn't read the instructions properly, and they weren't the clearest, so we went ahead and make our collages. When I arrived at the website, it was obvious that I needed to download a tree template and that our pictures of a princess and the sea weren't going to fit into a tree template. So, to another go, another day.


  1. Ooo the Se7en blog looks really interesting, I'll definitely have to check that out!

  2. You've been very busy. Neat links. Blessings!