Monday 15 August 2011


Mr Exuberance loves machines and since he is the most enthusiastic participant in 5-a-Day, this week is chosen specially for him. Doubtless, his big sister will listen too. Mr Exuberance may think that some of these need to be read more than once a day.

Percy's Bumpy ride by Nick Butterworth features an unusual mowing machine. Fun to read which always helps!

Move it! Builders illustrated by Mike Brownlow has few words but large illustrations with pieces that actually move.

Mr Little's noisy truck by Richard Fowler. We have three of this series which has flaps on each page and plenty of onamatopoeias. A satisfyingly noisy read.

Amazing machines by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker  is a book which we read and reread. The blurb on the back says "Ideal for machine-mad pre-schoolers" and this is so true. The stories are in rhyme and so it is easy for little people to join in.

Machines at work-digger by Nicola Deschamps. This is a DK non-fiction book. I've only read the major items of text on each page. Illustrated with many photographs.

Any other ideas for "machine-mad" toddlers?

This is linked to 5-a-Day books at the Imagination Tree.

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