Wednesday 16 May 2012

Comfort books and Kings and Queens

We've been a bit under the weather which has meant that the children haven't been well enough for the usual English/phonics and maths and so forth.

This is the sort of time for comfort books. As a teenager, I kept a massive Victorian novel for such occasions. It was a bit gloomy as everyone seemed to die of tuberculosis but it proved a diversion from more minor ailments.

This week has been full of Postman Pat and princess stories. Stickers always seem to be successful with the younger children and have certainly been a feature of this week This may partly explain why the other hit has been The Usborne Kings and Queens sticker book. 
This  fits in with the Diamond Jubilee as it goes up to the present with a double page spread on the Royal Family today and another on Queen Elizabeth II.

The book starts with Alfred the Great and goes via the early Scottish Kings and the Plantagenets to more recent times, not forgetting the Tudors, of course, and a couple of pages on Queen Victoria.

The book has many coloured stickers for each page and snippets of information- just right for a five year old who is fascinated by princesses and history.

Thoroughly recommended.

We brought this for our own use. This review is my own opinion of a book that we have enjoyed.

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