Tuesday 15 May 2012

Jubilee Numbers

We are celebrating Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee in less than a month. It seemed a good time to think about the number 60 and different ways of counting to 60.

Threading and counting 60 beads
The finished product
Duplo tower of 60 bricks
This was particularly unstable and it was obvious that counting in 10s can be easier.
I had been looking for ways of including practice in counting in tens and the Diamond Jubilee has been ideal. Next, we made a chart with 60 objects grouped in 10s.
There is so much more that could be done; adding up money to 60p or counting in 2s or 5s or even 15s. Maybe for another day.


  1. Good ideas! Might give some of these a go next week, thanks. :)

  2. Can't BELIEVE you managed to make a tower of 60 bricks stand unaided for long enough to take a picture of it!!! Really impressive :-)

  3. It didn't stand up for very long-we had to have several goes for the picture.

  4. Lovely fun ways to explore numbers. Thanks for the ideas. Cathy ~ the kids co-op