Monday 21 May 2012

Prayers for our children's education

I found this quote in Matthew Henry's book, The Secret of Communion with God. It seemed ideal for all Christian parents whichever choices they have made in terms of education.

When you are pursuing the education of your children, or the young ones under your charge, wait upon God for His grace to make the means of their education successful. When you are yourself giving them instruction in things pertaining either to life or to godliness, their general or particular calling, when you are sending them to school in the morning, or ordering them the business of the day, wait upon God to give them a good understanding, and a good capacity for their business. Especially their main business, for it is God that giveth wisdom. If they are but slow, and do not come on as you wish, yet wait on God to bring them forward, and to give them His grace in His own time, and while you are patiently waiting on Him that will encourage you to take pains with them, and will likewise make you patient and gentle towards them.


  1. Thankyou for that beautiful quote Sarah. How we need to wait upon God in every area of our lives.
    Psalm 62 is one of my favourites and has so much about waiting upon God and trusting in Him.

  2. Rachel, thank you for this and for the reminder about Psalm 62.

  3. Beautiful! I will share this everywhere! :-)