Saturday 4 August 2012

August inspiration

We've had a rather rainy July and being English tend to complain about the weather so this article, from Kelly  at Generation Cedar, about teaching children to be grateful was timely. This is an area where I have much to learn myself let alone teach the children so this was helpful.

The countryside, on a walk this week, is just one cause for gratitude.

Another thought provoking article is Danika Cooley's about Raising Grown-ups. This is the start of a series about parenting-I'm looking forward to it especially as I have children in each of the age ranges that she mentions.

This article  has some helpful thoughts about providing an audience for home educated children's English. One of the most useful things that we did at our home education group, this last year, was a poetry recital. It was great to see our five year old have a chance to learn a poem, recite it to others and listen to and appreciate other children's work.

Another challenging article is by Teacher Tom about children "on the spectrum". Not about children with autism but about the many undiagnosed children who might have Aspergers. I love how he says

 I suspect we're all on the spectrum; most of us are just all lumped together in one narrow segment of it that we've come to call "normal."

Now for a couple of ideas

Almost Unschoolers has made some fantastic looking watermelon fudge-incredibly unhealthy but looks so yummy!

This is how to make bath bombs with children. Looks such fun. We hope to have a go before the end of the holidays.

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