Friday 24 August 2012

Lady Jane Grey-biography for children

Lady Jane Grey is the latest in a series of Christian biographies for younger readers by Simonetta Carr.

Lady Jane Grey is a fascinating and sad figure who was Queen of England for nine days, between the reigns of Edward VI and Mary, just over 450 years ago. In this book, Simonetta Carr has written of Jane's short life and her beliefs.

Lady Jane held to Reformation beliefs. This was no mere politicking but was a vital belief in the Saviour and in salvation by faith alone. Jane was brought up in a way fitting a princess; she was well educated and was, for a time, under the care of Catherine Parr, sixth wife and widow of Henry VIII. Catherine was well known for her reformed views.

Sadly, for political reasons, Lady Jane had an arranged marriage and when Edward VI died, she was forced to become Queen. Jane was 17 and monarch against her will. Mary, Edward's sister was believed by most of the population to be rightful queen. Mary was able to take the throne after nine days. Jane spent the rest of her brief life imprisioned in the Tower of London until her execution on Mary's orders.
The Tower of London

This book is aimed at 7-12 year olds and is lavishly illustrated with photographs and illustrations by Matt Abraxas.There is a helpful introduction which puts Lady Jane's story in the context both of the Reformation and of the situation in England where the split from Rome had been for Henry VIII's marital reasons rather than from any love of Reformed doctrine.

At the end of the book, there is a "Did you know" section with facts, mainly, about the social history of Tudor times. These include facts about games and children.

The letter that Jane wrote to her sister just before her execution is also reproduced.

This book is beautifully produced and is ideal for children of this age group. For children in school, in England, the Tudors are part of the Key Stage 2 history curriculum. This book brings a real Christian perspective to this-not as part of the politics of this era but as a living reality in a life. For Christian home educators, I recommend this. Simonetta Carr home educates her own children and wrote this series for them. She obviously understands children of this group.
I highly recommend this book.

Lady Jane Grey will be available in the UK from the Christian Bookshop Ossett.and is available in the US from Reformation Heritage Books.

This book was provided by Reformation Heritage Books for review. The opinions in the review are my own.


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