Friday 17 August 2012

Harvest or no harvest

This year, the yield from our garden has been disappointing. Why? Slugs, rain, cold and wind have conspired to remove the blossom from the apple tree, prevent seedlings growing or eat them. Adding to this, the squirrels ate the greengages just as they were ripening.
 These are the rather sad potato plants-the slugs loved their leaves!

We have harvested some potatoes but not quite as many as we had hoped.

What I've learnt

  • thankfulness that we do have supermarkets full of food.
  • gardening is hard work. I'm sure that ours would have done better with more time spent weeding and removing slugs. 
  • some of the produce that didn't grow is for reasons beyond our control. The tomato plants needed more sun. The loss of the apple blossom was due to the weather.
  • Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it.
  • Appreciation of the food that we do have from our garden-some potatoes, garlic, a few damsons, some rhubarb (this did well), a few blackcurrants from very young bushes and we hope to have some apples and a few wild blackberries.
How does your garden grow?
How do you make time for gardening? 


  1. We got plenty of lettuce, spring onion & beetroot this year. We will hopefully still get leeks and more of the above. Not a single tomato (we only do tumblers as we have no greenhouse). We need to harvest the blackcurrants and will have loads more Rhubarb. We had a little broccoli and a few potatoes. The disappointments were the peas and carrots, I think because of the weather. Not even a courgette! I planted some new raspberry bushes this year so I'm hopeful for a bumper crop next year. I find everyone is keen when it's the planting season - not so keen on weeding :-) Elaine W

  2. Elaine, it sounds that you have done well overall. We didn't have even one tomato, too. Presumably, they like more sun and less rain!