Friday 7 September 2012

First week back

We started back this week. The start day was meant to be Wednesday but the two younger children were keen to start back earlier so did a little from the beginning of the week. This didn't seem at all unreasonable. On the other hand, Middle Son wanted to make the most of the last couple of days of holiday seeing friends which also didn't seem unreasonable.

What has worked for us

  • Middle Son has more independence, this year, about his work. He has the plan for the main subjects at the beginning of the week and can work through at his own speed. This means that he did his first maths exercise without any teaching, it was revision, but then talked to me and used a Khan Academy video to reinforce concepts in further exercises. I mark daily to check that he hasn't run into problems.
  • Practical kitchen chemistry to look at the differences between reactions and changes in state: heating and cooling egg white and chocolate respectively.
  • New Berol felt tips and A3 paper have lead to a frenzy of drawing from the younger two.
  • Cooking for our Venice unit. Post about this later, I hope.
  • Music from the Four Seasons lead to excited dancing from Mr Exuberance and Miss Belle.
  • Friday afternoon outside for the younger ones with  tree climbing, dens
 and writing in the dirt.

What I need to think about
  • Books for Middle Son. He is reading fast! My plan is to read just ahead so I can talk to him about the books but he is making rapid progress through the Silver Sword. I need to get reading.
  • Activities for Mr Exuberance. He is living up to his internet name which is meaning that I need to provide plenty for him to do while his sister is working.  Activities that have been useful this week have been drawing, Duplo, marble runs, puzzles, play dough plus cutters, books and painting. 
The sea

What I've been thinking about
  • When I was in medicine, we used to talk about reflective practice. This is a useful concept, for me, as a home educator.
  • New books and curricula take a while to settle. I can begin to see how I need to jiggle things to make them work well.
Hope you have had a good week.


  1. I hope you have a good term, Sarah. Khan has some good art videos too. Have you seen them? xx

  2. Thank you, no I haven't seen the art videos. Will take a look. We've been using the chemistry videos, too, which are helpful.