Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Inspiration for September

Summer is almost over and we are about to start back. Today has been a day of pre-term photos and general getting ready as well as two little people who wanted to start a bit early! We had a great time doing a little work and enjoying the new large drawing paper and good quality felt tip pens.

As we are starting formal learning again, I've been looking again at this post from In Lieu of Preschool on 125+ ways to practice making letters. I've used these ideas, a little, over the summer but this is such a great resource. We've made letters in bubbles, from paint, in sand and from scraps of foam since reading this article but there are plenty more ideas.

Se7en has a post on hospitality in the here-and-now even in the midst of a busy home educating family.

The next links are about life not education.

This moving article by Ruth is well worth reading. I don't know Ruth personally although I have friends who do. Ruth has been married  for just a year during which time she has been particularly ill with cystic fibrosis. Ruth's reliance on the Lord in the midst of her illness is encouraging and challenging.

A thought provoking series is that by Joel Beeke on his late mother. The first part on prayer is something that Christian mothers should read. Personally, I was encouraged by the second part about loving Scripture and how his mother loved and understood God's Word during her illness.

I've realised that not much of this is about learning-yes, there are plans for that but hopefully, more anon.

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  1. Joel Beeke's article on his mother's prayer was beautiful and convicting! After a challenging day with my boys, I realize I must be more intentional about prayer.