Wednesday 12 September 2012

I always planned to do this

When we started home educating almost three and a half years ago, I had the idea that once a week, we would spend the morning at home working and then go to a museum or gallery. It hasn't quite worked like that. 

Initially, travelling on public transport with a baby and toddler was just too complicated-those buses that only take two unfolded prams-mine seemed to be the third. Getting on and off buses also seemed complex as I needed an extra hand. Over the last 18 months, getting into the centre has become easier and we have had more trips there.. I  even wrote some tips

Still we had never managed to have a normal morning and then disappear off to London until today! Just to prove-here is a poor photo. (The children were keen to keep moving.)

I'm not sure that we will ever do this regularly-it really depends on whether there is something that fits in with the learning that we are doing. Still since we are looking at Ancient history, there might be a fair number of valid reasons to make the most of the resources in the British Museum. It is even free although I did buy a rather fun activity book in the shop! The idea of learning about pyramids by making coconut pyramids rather appeals-I hadn't thought of that before or eaten coconut pyramids for more years than I care to admit.

Any tips on making outings easy and useful?

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