Wednesday 14 November 2012

Learning about the British Isles with postcards

Over the last couple of months, we have been exchanging postcards with friends around the British Isles in order to start a project about the country.

This was a bit two pronged in that Miss Belle wrote a fair few of the postcards from us as part of her writing practice. Kind friends then sent us postcards of their local area. We've now arranged these round a map. This involved Middle Son locating the venue of each card.

So far to add to this project, we've made a gingerbread map and looked at some terms around physical geography as well as locating the high points in each country. We hope to explore more of the geography of our country over the next few weeks.

We've used these books:

Beautiful Britain by John Burke
Usborne First book of Britain
The Dairy book of British Food


  1. Oh, Sarah, I didn't know you were doing this! Do you want one from Lewis? I have one right beside me now, so if I write it, you could have it in a day or two.... Let me know :)

  2. Anne, that would be lovely. I will send you my address via F/B.

  3. I have that same map. What a neat idea!

  4. Debbie-thank you. It seemed to make the map more "real".

  5. What a fantastic project. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. That would be such a good idea for lots of countries, maybe using landmark pictures. I'm thinking Egypt and pictures of the pyramids etc. It's a really visual way of showing the children where everything is. Ooh, I like this!

  7. Claire, yes, this would be transferable to other countries- just print off pictures rather than using postcards. I like the idea of using this for Egypt. I was really struck by the varied geography of Egypt recently when reading "Milad"- obviously something that had escaped me in school!