Friday 9 November 2012

November week

In our home education this week,
we started back after the lovely half term break and yes, this has been a solid working week.

 Middle Son finished his current English curriculum (Little Arthur) before going back to the UK based Galore Park as an outline guide. There are other things planned to go alongside this.

We started work on the timeline that has been on the agenda for ages. It is very long with a metre per millenium.

What's working for us

We've been using the Usborne First book of art. This book has been inspiring and I loved the elephant Miss Belle made.

Questions I have

Miss Belle loves history. We have been working through ancient history but at a group we attend, she is learning about the Battle of Agincourt and Joan of Arc. Should we carry on with both or should we drop the ancient history for now so she can give her full attention to the group work? There are some interesting background activities for the group. I don't want to confuse her.

Things I'm working on

As usual, I'm looking for sufficient activities for Mr Exuberance. This week, we brought out Daddy's old fort which Mr Exuberance had never seen before. This was a great success and many knights were sent to the dungeon!
There was a less successful episode with paint while I was working with Miss Belle on phonics. Lesson learned by Mummy!
Other activities that have worked have been
games-the Shopping List game especially
read alouds-as usual
stacking bobbins and counting how many could be added
drawing round shapes

Realistically, I ought to plan about 4-5 things to do each morning and well, I'm not planning enough. The afternoons are easier as he can usually join in.

I'm reading 
Joel Beeke's book Parenting by God's promises. I've been reading this for a while although quite slowly. It has some helpful pointers and covers children of different ages.

I'm grateful for
time with my children and sunlight in autumn.

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  1. Good Morning! Hoppin' over from the Homeschool Mother's Journal! Love the capture of the grey-clouded sky. Cute elephant, too!

  2. Thank you both. The Mrs, I've been enjoying looking at your blog.

  3. Your little girl's elephant art is fabulous. I love it!
    Have you tried tray activities for Mr Exuberance? We bought cat litter trays (very inexpensive with high sides) and I line up three for my four year old and 3 for my 20 month old and put activities in each. It works incredibly well when I need to spend time with the older ones. It's taken time to find out which activities work for each child and most of them I get from charity shop at very little cost. Hope that helps!

  4. Angelicscalliwags-I had wondered about tray activities. I love the idea of the cat litter trays. So many of the best things for him to do are a bit messy-this would be ideal.