Wednesday 19 June 2013

16 UK Christian home education bloggers

There are many home education bloggers but most of these are outside the UK and some of those inside the UK do not have a Christian worldview.

This is a list of UK based Christian home education blogs.

My criteria for inclusion are
  • home educating family
  • evangelical Christian although inclusion does not imply that we are agreed about doctrine
  • posting relatively frequently-I haven't included blogs that haven't posted for months
  • some content about education 
  • I've come across the blog-obviously! Please let me know about other relevant blogs and I will add them.
The blogs are in alphabetical order.

Angelicscalliwags is written by Claire about her children's history based home education but there is so much more: a pond study, science, Before Five in a Row.

 Boyschooling, not surprisingly, has an emphasis on teaching boys although this isn't exclusive. This blog has helpful book recommendations and plenty of ideas for home education outings.

Ellie at Create with your hands is a relatively new home educator although she has been writing for sometime about play based activities. We've used several of her ideas and the travel workstation is on my list for the summer break.

Delivering Grace, well that is me! And this is about why we home educate.

Helen writes at For His Glory. She features unit studies done by her daughters as well as some resource recommendations. Do check out this post about  planned and unplanned nature study.

Gracieschool is quite new to me but posts about teaching her young children. I especially like the posts about early writing and art.

Jenny at Home schooling for a Dozen or more posts about educating her 10 children and often features book reviews which are always refreshing.

Organic Education features Alice's family's home education but is also useful for links to topical and political articles about home education.

Our cup of tea is a written by Debbie who is an American living in the UK. This is a tremendous resource for geography and a blog I visit when putting together a country unit study.

Sarah at Pyjama School writes about Montessori based home education for her two young children. She has tutorials for making DIY Montessori equipment: a particularly helpful frugal resource for home educators.

Caroline at the Joyful Keeper writes both about the Christian life and about home educating her children.This post features an introduction to lapbooking.


Shirley posts at Under an English Sky. Her family have just had a major curriculum change  to prepare for gaining qualifications but are continuing their nature study posts.

Added November 2013:
Young Hosannas is a blog by Kirsty who home educates her five young children. She has practical ideas for learning with little ones and the learning is naturally and clearly rooted in God's Word.

Through the Lattice is a blog from an older home educating family. I love the pictures although I dare not show the pony pictures to Younger Daughter. She already has schemes for keeping a pony in the back garden!

Added December 2013:
The Frog-Academy is about a large family in the North of England. The art ideas are worth exploring and I enjoy reading about another family with teenagers.

Added January 2013:
Home Education Novice is written by Kondwani, a pen name meaning "for ever rejoicing" about her journey educating her young children. She has thoughtful articles about learning from children and motivations. 

Again, please do let me know about other UK Christian home educator blogs. I may well not be aware of them. 


  1. Thanks for this, Sarah, I'm going to enjoy checking out all these blogs - I'd only come across one before. And thanks again for the link - I'm very honoured that you included me :-)

    1. Thank you, Helen. I'm sure you will enjoy the blogs.

  2. Thank you for including me--makes me want to blog a bit more often than I have lately! I'm going to check out all the others on your list, too!

  3. Again, I am so impressed by how unselfish you are about helping others. I could do with taking a leaf out of your book! Thanks so much for including angelicscalliwags. Proud to be a British blogger!!

    1. Thank you, Claire. Not really deserved-my blog is there too!

  4. Thanks for including me in this post Sarah! I feel quite touched. I am glad to see your list of other British bloggers and I can't wait to visit them all. I think it is fantastic to see what home educators closer to home are up to! Thanks again :o)

    1. Glad to include you-I enjoy reading your blog.

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  7. Hi Sarah, yes linking to my blog is perfectly fine - and Thankyou! Cx


  9. Hey these are great! I just started home ed, I'm in UK and a grace filled Christian. I just started writing a blog to document our journey. Feel free to take a look it's

  10. Hi there we also home school . Have you come accross the eden kits home schooling friends ? It's a place where home schoolers can search for other home schoolers in their local area ? It's free to use , the link is here

    1. I've not heard of this site but in my resource list (see top of page) there are links to the yahoo list and facebook page which are useful ways of locating other Christian home educators. The Christian Home Education Support Service (formerly Home Service) is also a useful place to start looking for other home educators.

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