Friday 28 June 2013

Railways and the Railway Children

Recently, I read aloud The Railway Children by E Nesbit to Younger Daughter. Youngest Son had also been talking about steam machines so it seemed time for a trip to a steam railway.

We visited the Bluebell Railway which has recently been extended to East Grinstead in Sussex. The Railway is run by volunteers and there has obviously been so much work around the Railway and its details.

This brought back memories of eating Robinson's Golden Shred at my Grandparents' house.

In The Railway Children, the station staff talked to the children and explained about railways. My children got to clip their tickets.

Youngest Son was surprised how noisy the engines were but then we did sit in the carriage right behind the engines.

The trains were pulled by two engines coupled together and running backwards.

Beautiful country stations-easy to imagine the Railway Children watching the trains from this bench.

Signal is up-remember trying to stop the train in E Nesbit's book?

Horstead Keynes station was used as the setting for the film of the Railway Children. The signal box is in the background.

Going into the tunnel

Perhaps the up platform?

This was a great way to bring a classic to life.


  1. My girls loved this book. I love how England has such a well preserved steam engine heritage. You can pretty much find them all over the country and it is such a great field trip!

    1. Yes, there are so many steam railways and so many people who feel strongly about the old Beeching cuts.

  2. Just on last Sat. guided my 5 years old son to watch the movie, and told him he will read this book to learn English.

  3. What a cool group of photos! There's something happy about old trains. :)

    I saw you linked up next to me on the Tots and Me Throwback and came to visit.

  4. We love steam trains and particularly travelling through the countryside on them.